Thursday, July 19, 2012

A great song 
remind me to be myself not 
try not to prove i am great by copying  every thing about someone who did something wright
but take shard of all kinds of things and form something original from other inspirations and always love yourself docent mean your cocky 
be proud.

Star wars wright people wright time

I was watching a video of George Lucas talking about how he didn't like cantina seen in star wars
and I was saying to my self no wounder number three was so out of touch and all the movie was after effects and green screen and that's why i didn't really feel what was going on like i was there myself in the third movie which wound be the newer movie
another good question is did George Lucas run into the right people at the right time by dumb luck and this is how the movie was so great explaining why the third one was average instead of good.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Age Of The Necromancer Book

My Book Age Of The Necromancer 

A teenage boy named Danny goes for a jog ending up running into a old man  who seemed normal later figuring out he was a necromancer searching out human livestock when he wakes up in a dungeon
when hes about to be harvested he gets saved by a crusader named Zack and Danny becomes Zackes


                                                                        Author:Tyler King    


Writing inspiration

I walk in my house to git inspired thinking of magical
story's of barbarians knights rouges and arcane 
wizards or monster that attack the good group of people and add events and try to put them
accordingly so its nice and polished   
I set up the story so the main characters name pops up and make a chain of events that change the balance of the order in the story.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some thing that interest me is good vs evil  and should human kind be allowed to decide if some one  is evil I always seen evil as a faze mostly were good people run into bad times or bad influences  in there life and is there truly good one hundred percent I think not were all capable of evil and do evil thing but we also are capable of good what is good a balance or a upward curve, what i know is win i am sad i feel every were and when i am happy i feel in a calm place.

when im judged and i pass is when i know what life i lived might sound little arrogant. 

The story of me

Grew up in Bloomfield Colorado with my brother Justin I loved to play air soft wars and water gun wars for fun win i was younger never was that happy as a kid i had allot of mental problems depression or anger which effected my school work i had a few friends in high school moved to Oklahoma win my parents divorced and now i am trying to become a writer and a good one at that my blog will be about writing
and reading story's thanks.